we are fellowz.


think like a designer

Why do you still need an agency today? In times of AI solutions and free knowledge in the form of DIY tutorials, this question may sound justified. What is often forgotten: Good design is not about creating fancy logos or impressive websites.

Designers are not artists, but problem solvers. It's not about personal taste or even having a good gut feeling. It's about the right strategy. If you think like a designer, you want to understand, find, and test ideas. As an agency, this is exactly what we do. We analyze the challenges our clients face in order to support their brands with the right strategy and tailor-made implementation of marketing measures.

the brand fellows

EST 1990

We have been navigating our clients through the creative and marketing jungle for more than 30 years. We accompany brands from birth, get through puberty together and are delighted with our numerous best agers. We are true brand fellows and support our clients with the right strategy and method: we understand, define, find ideas, build prototypes and test.

problem solving

agency overview

  • core

    The 12-member fellowz core is the centerpiece of the agency. This is where strategies are developed, and designs created to solve clients' problems.

  • digital

    The fellowz core is complemented by the digital specialists at nextlevels, a company in which we have a stake. This is where everything to do with software development and programming happens.

  • network

    Thanks to fellowz network, no project is too big or too complicated for us. Together with our photo and film producers, printers, and trade fair constructors, we are ready for anything.

  • method

    Inspired by the design thinking method, we analyze our customers' problems in detail in order to develop tailor-made solutions.


Happy customers and strong brands. That's what drives us. But a few awards aren't bad either, of course.


  • Adriani

    Getting the hang of it. As a passionate climber, she doesn't shy away from tricky routes.

  • Carolin

    Bikes, hikes or SUP board. It doesn't matter, as long as your dog can come along.

  • Gregor

    Bike punk with heart and soul. Road, gravel or downhill - it doesn't matter, the main thing is two wheels. He is also your contact for employer branding and brand development.

  • Ibrar

    Is at home at over 2,000 metres and knows the mountains that the other fellowz can only dream of.

  • Janine

    Was travelling on the Pacific Crest Trail for six months. But we lured her back.

  • Mark

    Manages our branch office on the Dutch coast. As a passionate kitesurfer, he has to stay close to the water.

  • Mr. X

    Our genius for text. Passion and great curiosity meet a deep understanding of different styles and formats. Publicity shy.

  • Sebastian

    Adventurer with an eye for detail. Always brings back the best photos and videos from his holidays.

  • Stefan

    Our MTB representative. Particularly involved in promoting young cyclists.

  • Susanne

    Always precise. On the golf course, on the ski slope and especially when it comes to numbers.

  • Ulf

    Our agency mascot.

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