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Everything a bicycle tyre must be able to do. We have got to the point. With the word that became our brand: unplattbar.

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Schwalbe is Europe's market leader for bicycle and e-bike tyres. The brand specialised in the bicycle sector early on and today stands for quality and durability like no other. However, Schwalbe is not satisfied with high-quality, long-lasting products. As a leader in innovation, the brand has been doing pioneering work for many decades. New material compositions, innovative product ideas and globally unique recycling processes can be traced back to the tyre manufacturer's think tank.


Schwalbe has developed a globally unique technology: Special puncture protection makes the bicycle tyre so safe that it cannot be punctured by shards or granules. A revolution for cyclists, especially because Schwalbe introduced this technology back in 2002 - long before today's bicycle boom.

The secret of these unmistakable bicycle tyres lies hidden inside: a patented special rubber, which lies under the tread like a belt, makes the tyre as stable as it is unique on the market. This innovation needed to be communicated effectively for the product launch.

So puncture-proof that it is the only tire that can be called flat-less.


the word that became a brand

For everyday cyclists, a bicycle tyre is a product that simply has to work. Very few people want to get to grips with the details of carcass layers, material compositions and puncture protection inserts. The challenge was clear: a complex technology must be communicated in such a way that it is immediately understood. Without explanation.

The birth of unflat. The word that clearly sums up the advantages of a bicycle tyre. From today's perspective, the term is obvious; after all, it has been learnt and used by many. Back then - more than 20 years ago - the term "non-flat" was initially unthinkable. And yet it became an integral part of Schwalbe's success story.

Logo design

good design can be so simple

Striking, self-explanatory and clear. For unplattbar, we specifically opted for an easy-to-read text logo. The advantage: the term and brand are easily recognised and quickly established. This has proved particularly effective at the POS. Schwalbe sells exclusively through specialist retailers. Thanks to unplattbar, the advantages of the brand are communicated efficiently.

You can still see how well this works today: the logo is so bold that it is still in use unchanged. And has thus survived two decades unscathed without becoming outdated. This is precisely our approach to brand development: we lay a long-lasting foundation with strategy and design instead of jumping on short-lived trends.

Brand management

the best and worst thing that could happen

Unplattbar has been an integral part of the cycling world for over 20 years. And so successful that the brand name is used generically for puncture-proof bicycle tyres. This is the best and worst thing that could have happened to the brand. We are honoured that unplattbar is so well received. But still, only Schwalbe tyres worldwide are allowed to call themselves unflat.

The success of unplattbar is anything but a coincidence: on the one hand, Schwalbe has an outstanding product. On the other hand, we are able to continuously support the awareness and popularity of the brand with effective marketing measures. In addition to POS materials, trade fair appearances and campaigns, for example, also with product launches. Most recently in 2019 when unplattbar was released especially for e-bikes. The brand is keeping pace with the changes in the cycling world and will easily last another 20 years - at least.

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