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ENRA is the market leader for bicycle insurance in the Netherlands. The company stands for reliable, uncomplicated processing and can look back on over 40 years of experience. ENRA has been active on the German market since 2007 and has specialized in bicycle insurance from the very beginning.


ENRA attaches great importance to fast and unbureaucratic assistance in the case of damage. Four out of five claims are solved within 48 hours. To make things even faster and easier, all ENRA services were to be digitalized.


more clarity for the customer

Before taking the step towards digitalization, the brand itself had to be adapted to the upcoming challenges. After extensive market analyses and workshops with the ENRA team, the brand's positioning was significantly sharpened. This enabled us to establish ENRA as "The e-bike insurance company" ahead of the major trend of recent years. The reorientation with a suitable claim creates clarity and ensures significantly increased interest.

Corporate Design

insurance at face-to-face level

This new sharpness also had to be reflected in ENRA's communication. In addition to the claim and corporate language, we adapted the entire CI of the brand to the new positioning. When revising the logo and color scheme, it was important for us to find a good balance: Creating trust without being boring.

The combination of cyan and magenta achieves this balancing act. Coupled with clear design elements and a customer approach at eye level, the new corporate design makes ENRA more open and accessible. After all, interested parties and policyholders should be able to find their way around the ENRA world quickly and easily.


doing everything quickly and easily online

To meet the challenges of the market in the future, it was clear that as many processes as possible would have to be digitalized. Customers and ENRA partners should be able to complete all processes online: Regardless of whether a prospective customer wants to find and conclude their desired rate within a few minutes, or a bicycle dealer needs to submit a damage report.

We have digitalized the most important services for both B2C on the website and B2B in a separate dealer platform. Following extensive user flow analyses and UX research, we were able to measurably optimize the processes for ENRA. We also developed and implemented online tools, such as the rate calculator, so that interested parties have all the information they need at their fingertips.

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