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More attention for a challenging but important topic. Clearly communicated without scaring people off.

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Med360° is one of the largest medical service providers in Germany. With over 90 locations, the company offers a large network of specialists in various fields. This makes Med360° a point of contact for all patient concerns - from prevention to diagnostics and therapy. What all specialisms have in common is that Med360° uses state-of-the-art medical technology and the latest diagnostic procedures to offer its patients the best medical care.


One of these procedures is Thomosynthesis, an innovative and particularly reliable breast cancer diagnostic method. In contrast to traditional mammography, a 3D image of the breast is created, which shows the tissue layer by layer and without overlapping. This allows abnormalities to be identified much more quickly and precisely. The target group should now be sensitised to the topic of breast cancer and made aware of this innovative and reliable diagnostic method, 3D mammography.

Digital campaign

raising awareness without scaring people off

Brustkrebs ist die häufigste Krebserkrankung bei Frauen; statistisch gesehen erkrankt jede 8. im Laufe ihres Lebens. Für eine schonende Behandlung und gute Heilungschancen ist die frühe Erkennung das A und O. Ein extrem wichtiges Thema, mit dem sich wohl nur die wenigsten Frauen gerne auseinandersetzen.

Die Kampagne stellte uns vor zwei große Herausforderungen: wir mussten die Zielgruppe möglichst frühzeitig erreichen und ihr Interesse wecken, ohne abzuschrecken. “Mammo statt Insta” schafft den Spagat. Dank des reduzierten Text-Bild-Icons wird Aufmerksamkeit auf das Thema Brustkrebs gelenkt – ohne Horror-Szenarien und Angst-Macherei. Für diese wohl dosierte Kommunikation wurden wir 2022 mit dem German Design Award ausgezeichnet.


reaching the target group where they are

Instagram was chosen as the main channel for the campaign. The aim was to sensitise women to the topic of breast cancer and to pick them up with an aesthetic approach, as they are used to from the platform. But the campaign goes one step further: points of contact should also be created and interest aroused in surgeries and on the way there. Posters in patient changing rooms and out-of-home posters close the gap between the digital and analogue worlds.

Web Design

quickly understood, quickly to the appointment

All touchpoints of the campaign lead to the corresponding landing page. Here, women can find detailed information about the advantages of 3D mammography. Simply explained and clearly presented. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits can make an appointment at a location near them without any detours.

In the context of the campaign, we have noticed a significant increase in interest in the topic of breast cancer screening. This means that even more patients can benefit from our improved diagnostic reliability. Patricia Haenisch, Head of Marketing, Med360° SE

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