Employer branding for the family business

A successful mindset shift. From a traditional family business to an attractive employer brand.

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Gronau is not only an architectural office and general contractor, but also a very successfully managed family business. The company specialises in the planning and construction of commercial halls, industrial and retail buildings as well as office and administration buildings and can look back on more than 40 years of experience.



There are few companies that enjoy such a good reputation and such a high standing in their industry. Despite this, this flagship company has failed to attract new talent. No wonder: almost 60 % of all vacancies in the SME sector remain unfilled. The aim was therefore to increase Gronau's visibility as an attractive employer. Together with the client, it was decided that the recruiting concept should be based on strategically sound employer branding.

Strategy Workshop

building on good substance

Customers and employees alike rave about the company's reliability - a real virtue, especially in the construction industry. In order to find out why positions remain vacant despite this, we analysed the status quo of the employer brand in a strategy workshop and discovered that potential applicants simply misjudged the company.

Applicants had qualms about the structure of the family business and feared dusty hierarchies. In combination with the location in a town with just 30,000 inhabitants, the inhibition threshold was too high for many. Gronau was completely overlooked as an attractive employer. It was therefore necessary to open up the black box and emphasise the benefits more clearly.

Employer Branding

making visible

Employer branding is not about bending the employer, but rather making strategic use of what already exists. In the case of Gronau, the aim was to make the good working atmosphere more visible and to communicate the positive aspects of the location more clearly. To this end, employee testimonials were developed so that applicants could find out more about Gronau, the atmosphere and their future colleagues.

The location was also analysed in more detail: Wegberg may be small, but it is close to the Dutch border and not far from metropolises such as Cologne and Düsseldorf. The town therefore offers an attractive location with an enormously high recreational value. Employer branding does not change the location, but it does create a different awareness of what the employer has to offer.

Web Design

making it tangible

One of the main sources of information for potential applicants is and remains the company website. The values of the employer brand should also be reflected here. For this reason, not only was the web design fundamentally adapted, but new segments were also introduced on the site. Under Team Gronau, applicants get to know their future colleagues and realise that Gronau is much more than just the founding family. The location and its ideal location, especially for families and nature lovers, are also highlighted in more detail. All the points that are relevant for potential applicants are addressed simply and clearly. And it still works today, now that the site has been in existence for many years.

Our way of thinking has changed fundamentally thanks to the new strategy. We see our own company with different eyes. Benjamin Gronau, Gronau GmbH & Co. KG

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