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Multichannel campaign for a traditional bank

Despite interest rate turnaround for property. Effective multichannel campaign for more security in construction financing.

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Banking made in Gladbach. Gladbacher Bank is a traditional bank with a strong local presence. However, it does not only offer local service and consulting, but also all the online options of an innovative financial services provider. Regardless of the channel, the focus is always on solution-orientated customer support. This is a strength that is particularly worth capitalizing on in times of crisis.


War, corona, climate - the crises of our time, inflation and rising interest rates are causing enormous uncertainty when it comes to property financing. Gladbacher Bank provides a remedy and offers customized construction financing at attractive conditions. Despite the turnaround in interest rates towards property ownership.

To ensure that both existing and new customers benefit from the top interest rates, an eye-catching campaign is to be developed. This is intended to raise awareness of the topic and encourage interested parties to make an appointment for a consultation.

Trotz Zinswende zum Eigentum


tough times deserve strong partners

In times of interest rate reversals and global crises, the topic of property financing is becoming a burden for many. What is needed now is a strong partner who can guide you confidently through tough times. With its strong local presence, Gladbacher Bank is a trusted advisor for anyone who does not want to postpone or give up on their dreams. This is exactly what we communicate in a campaign with a clear message and concise information. Because in uncertain times, there is no need for more confusion.



Good advertising sells and entertains. For most people, however, the interest rate turnaround in construction financing tends to fall into the "heavy fare" category. Therefore, a key visual and a claim had to be developed that would draw attention to the topic with great ease. Bau happy! The play on words not only attracts attention, but also conveys the core message: building – without headaches.

The key visual picks up on the playfulness of the claim and presents the letters like building blocks. The typographic solution is emphasized by the smiley face. The blue tone of the Gladbacher Bank rounds off the key visual perfectly - not only because it reinforces the bank as the sender; in color psychology, the dark blue also stands for calm, satisfaction, and trust.


regional, cross-media

Gladbacher Bank is characterized by its strong regional presence; at the same time, it offers its customers digital communication channels to reach them exactly where they are. This strength should also be reflected in the campaign. The result was a cross-media mix of a global landing page and social media content for all interested parties as well as targeted local placements in adverts, radio spots, cinema advertising and out-of-home posters.

One crisis chases the next... so we were glad that the campaign was able to bring a certain lightness to the topic of construction financing. Andreas Jung, Gladbacher Bank Aktiengesellschaft von 1922

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