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Med360° is one of the largest medical service providers in Germany. With over 90 locations, the company offers a large network of specialists in various fields. This makes Med360° a point of contact for all patient concerns - from prevention to diagnostics and therapy. What all specialisms have in common is that Med360° uses state-of-the-art medical technology and the latest diagnostic procedures to offer its patients the best medical care.


Med360° needs the best employees to be able to offer its patients the best care. However, the combination of a constantly growing network of practice clinics and the acute shortage of skilled labour in the industry presents the company with a major challenge. Our task was to develop a new recruiting concept to make Med360° stand out in the competition for the best talent.

Arbeiten, wo das Team zählt

Employer branding

the core of the employer brand

In times of a shortage of skilled labour, it is no longer enough to simply publish job advertisements and wait and see. Successful recruiting does not work without well-founded employer branding. This involves strategically working out what the employer stands for, what it has to offer its employees and what values are communicated.

In the Employer Value Proposition (EVP), we have worked out the core of the employer brand and the exact positioning of Med360°. With over 90 locations, Med360° offers a broad and colourful network. Not only do different specialisms and expertise come together here, Med360° is also a melting pot for talents and cultures. As an open-minded and technology-enthusiastic employer, Med360° offers development opportunities - both for career starters and experienced medical professionals.

Recruiting campaign

be you with us

In order to reach as many candidates as possible in the "war for talent", we have focussed on the potential employee: the campaign is not primarily about Med360, but rather about the individual personality of the applicant. "Be with us" is both an invitation and a challenge: because at Med360°, exciting characters are not only accepted, but warmly welcomed.


different touchpoints along the candidate journey

Specialists and career changers, academics and trainees - Med360°'s potential employees are diverse and can be reached via a wide range of channels. The recruiting campaign was therefore set up in such a way that it picks up potential applicants at many different touchpoints. The Boys and Girls Day gave school pupils the opportunity to get to know Med360° as a potential employer. Traditional formats, such as large-format out-of-home posters at railway stations, also have the potential to reach passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job. Meta adverts also play a central role in recruiting in order to address the various target groups precisely.

more media

The campaign has given our recruiting a new boost, we have not just found more applicants, but really great, enriching employees. Patricia Haenisch, Ressortleiterin Marketing und Kommunikation

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