corporate and digital design for the furniture manufacturer on the rhine and ruhr rivers

High-quality interior design since 1726. The brand appears more up-to-date than ever at all touchpoints.

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Furniture manufacturer Thelen is the address for high-quality interior design on the Rhine and Ruhr. Craftsmanship, creativity and advice at the highest level characterise the family business. Since 1726, Thelen has continued to develop through quality, performance and stylistic confidence. The three unique showrooms are unrivalled in the region and beyond.


Creation of a new website. That was what the customer wanted. After analysing the existing website and the competitive environment, it was clear to us that there was no point in doing this without also making the brand fit for the future. We were able to convince the customer of this. The joint new goal was to design a future-proof brand identity, spatial design and UX/UI design in a co-creation process.


pointed and customized for the target group

Market positioning is one of the most essential strategic decisions for a company, possibly even the most important. On the one hand, a good and precise positioning enables a clear differentiation from competitors, while on the other hand it creates a strong appeal in the target group and increases the attractiveness of the brand. We worked out the core of the brand in workshops and surveys. The result of this process is reflected in the claim and the visual identity. Through this careful development process, we were able to ensure that the essence and uniqueness of the brand are communicated in a concise manner.

Claim development

the brand in a nutshell

Der Claim fasst die Mission des Unternehmens zusammen und  bringt die Philosophie der Marke zum Ausdruck. Wer ihn liest oder hört, weiß was ihn erwartet. Er besitzt die Kraft, über Wohl und Wehe einer Marke zu entscheiden. Thelen ist persönlich, nah am Kunden und bietet ausschließlich Premiumartikel und Services. Für Kunden mit hohem Anspruch an sich selbst, Interior Design und Qualität. Genau das bringt der Slogan zum Ausdruck: Das Beste für Ihr Zuhause.

Corporate design

giving wings, nurturing roots

There is often a lot of good in the past. We therefore decided to develop the new visual identity in part from the existing one. The colour yellow, for example, was placed in a new context in the logo and design. Pure understatement is the result of consistent reduction. The new brand identity thus reflects the quality and style requirements of the customers as well as the philosophy of the Thelen company.

If you are passionate about interiors and architecture, you need your own clear brand identity. Digital and spatial. Gregor Strathmann, fellowz

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