brand refresh for the manufacturer of bicycle parts

Perfect fit, full performance. A new corporate design and a new target group.

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ergotec stands for ergonomics and safety in cycling like no other brand. The brand offers high-quality bicycle parts that cover all points of contact between rider and bike. What all components have in common is that they have been developed to improve riding comfort and performance. ergotec combines scientific knowledge, product quality and comfort to make cycling more fun for cyclists.


ergotec is one of the top dogs among manufacturers of handlebars, seat posts and pedals. The bike parts are particularly popular in the trekking and e-bike sector thanks to their high safety standards and ergonomics. The advantages and attractiveness of the brand are now to be extended to other bicycle segments so that sporty, ambitious riders also become increasingly aware of Ergotec. The entire brand design is to be updated to appeal to the new target group and refresh the brand in general.


opening the brand for a new target group

ergotec works. Thanks to high safety standards and a good reputation, the brand has grown organically over decades. This makes it more difficult when it is time for a new coat of paint. It is important to maintain what works and make targeted adjustments to ensure that the brand remains fit for the future.

The brand's previous positioning was completely focused on safety and ergonomics. A very good added value, but one that needs to be formulated more precisely for a sportier target group: Perfect fit, full performance. Athletes are willing to go to great lengths to achieve top performance. Thanks to the ideal fit of ergotec products, this is no longer necessary.

Visual world

sporty & dynamic

The new positioning and claim are intended to appeal to a sportier target group. Naturally, this must also be reflected in the entire visual world of the brand. The products come to the fore in an elegantly staged way, while the color scheme of the images underlines the brand's corporate design. New fonts and graphic elements, such as the slanted surfaces, also add dynamism to the brand image. The new imagery is rounded off with emotional image shots.

Corporate Design

evolution instead of revolution

The new corporate design ensures that the new brand identity is communicated consistently across all channels. Central elements of the original brand are not simply discarded. On the contrary: the targeted further development of existing colors and basic elements carefully preserves the recognition effect and the value of the brand that has grown over many years. This ensures that the redesign draws the attention of new Ergotec fans to the brand without offending existing customers.

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With the new design, ergotec is ideally positioned for the future. Wilhelm Humpert, Managing Director, ergotec

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